How to write good news

1. Find events or events to be made news.

* News contains events and events that are actual and important to be disseminated, for example; events or occurrences of fires, natural disasters, and other sudden events that attract public attention. If there are no events or incidents, it is necessary to search for unique activities or events or incidents that have arisen in the community, such as news about officials visiting traditional markets.

2. News Source Search

* When the event or incident that will be used as news has been found, the news writer needs to find the right source of information so that the content of the news is accurate, for example news about theft, robbery, accidents and others, therefore to get information by conducting interviews with the relevant police, eye witnesses, or local/neighborhood residents.

3. Interview, Observation and Documentation

* Conducting interviews needs to be done to obtain facts about events and incidents that occurred, victim data, place of occurrence / chronology of events as well as victim data and the incident process. Interviews were conducted through question and answer with sources of information. Observation is done by observing the symptoms that appear at the scene. Meanwhile, documentation is done by searching and collecting data from books or other documents.

4. Take Notes of Important Things

* In the process of searching for information, it is necessary to record important things regarding the news to be written.

In recording news writing, it can be guided by 5W1H questions, namely:

* What : what event happened.

* Who : who is involved in. the event or occurrence.

* Where: where the event or incident occurred.

* When: when the event or incident occurred.

* Why: why the event or incident occurred.

* How: how the process of occurrence of events and events.

5. Create a News Outline

* News framework is a rough description of how the information that has been collected will be combined in a news report. News consists of 3 (three) elements, namely the title, terrace, and the completeness or explanation of the news. The news model that is written can also be in the form of direct news which presents the 5W+1H element at the beginning of the paragraph (usually in the first and second paragraphs) or also indirect news which presents the 5W+1H element in the middle to the end of the paragraph.

6. Writing News Terrace

* News Terrace is the first paragraph of a news story. News stories should be summarized, and should begin with the elements “who” (who) and “what” (what). Adjust the writing structure with the Indonesian language rules, namely SPOK (Subject, Predicate, Object, and Description). For news about events or events that will occur, the elements of time and place are usually placed at the end of the paragraph. Use as few quotes or questions as possible in the headlines.

7. Writing News Content

* The content of the news is a detailed information to be conveyed in a news. The content of the news is written after the news terrace. In writing news content, it should be arranged in short paragraphs containing 3 to 5 sentences. Try also that each paragraph contains only one idea. Paragraphs that are short and contain only one idea will encourage readers to continue reading and make it easier for readers to scan.

8. News Editing

* News editing is done to avoid errors in writing information that may occur, such as spelling (name, location, etc.), grammar, sentence meaning, differentiating opinions from facts. In writing the news that will be published, care must also be taken so as not to violate the journalistic code of ethics. After making a revision, it is better to re-read the news that will be made, then revise it again, read it again, and revise it again and again until you are absolutely sure that the news written has no errors.